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Yes, for your beautiful smile that sends love & spreads cheerful in others souls.

Yes, for your good word that builds legal friendships & eliminates hatred.

Yes, for doing charity that gives happiness to the needy , cheers up the poor & feeds the hungry.

Yes, for QURAAN sessions , recitation ,meditation,then work with ...what`s in it , repentance & begging ALLAH for forgiveness.

Yes, for being addicted to prayers & renewing repentance.

Yes, for raising your children on religious principles & teaching them the SUNNAH which is ( prophet mohammed's _pbuh_deeds & sayings ) & leading them to the right way.

Yes, for HIJAB that ALLAH _ the almighty _ has ordered & which protects you from dangers .

Yes, for good friendships with godfearing religious people who love religion &respecting it`s principles and morals.

Yes, for respecting parents , being good to them , obeying them & never making tham angry.

Yes,for visiting relatives & keep the relations , For being good to neighbours , YES for caring for orphans & helping them.

Yes, for beneficial reading , with an interesting useful book.

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